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Driver's Education: Behind the Wheel

How To Get Your Driver License (ages 15-17)

  • Classroom Instruction: Students are eligible to register and attend the classroom portion of the training program. You must attend all 30 hours of the training to be eligible for the next step of training.
  • The Blue Card: After completing 30 hours of classroom training, you will receive a certificate of completion that you must provide when registering for Behind the Wheel (BTW) instruction. You must be registered for a BTW program in order to receive the blue card.
  • Get Your Driving Permit: Arrange for the permit test independently at a Minnesota Drivers and Vehicle Services location. You will need the blue card, appropriate ID, your social security number, corrective lenses (if needed), and payment for the permit test fee.
  • Schedule BTW: After receiving your permit, schedule six hours of BTW training by notifying the Community Education office when you are ready to begin the training. 
  • Complete BTW Instruction: BTW consists of one instructor and one or two students in a school district vehicle. After completion of the required six hours, you will receive a white card necessary for the license test.
  • Practice: You will need to practice driving for six months. Minnesota law requires a student to have a permit for six months and maintain a driving log. The driving log must be submitted at the time of the road test.
  • Road Test: Schedule the road test at a Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services location. Students must be 16 years old to take the road test. Bring your white card, driving log, proof of insurance, fee, permit, social security number, and corrective lenses (if needed).

Driver's Ed BTW graphic

Driver's Ed BTW graphic
Driver's Education: Behind the Wheel Instruction
At this time, Behind the Wheel (BTW) driving instruction registration is limited to students who have taken their Driver’s Education Classroom training with Willmar Community Education or Willmar High School programs.
To register for BTW, students must have successfully completed 30 hours of Driver’s Education Classroom training. The Certificate of Completion from the classroom course must be provided at the Community Education office along with a $300 fee in order to register and receive a blue card. A blue card is required for students to take the permit test at the Driver’s License Exam Station.
Once you receive a valid permit, please call Pam at 320-231-8492, ext. 6335 to schedule your six hours of BTW instruction. We strongly recommend students drive 5-10 hours with a parent/guardian before their first BTW driving session.
  • BTW registration fee is non-refundable.
  • BTW driving lessons must be completed within six months of receiving your blue card.
  • Missed or cancelled driving lesson will incur a $50 fee and require rescheduling that driving lesson.
  • Unused BTW driving lessons are non-transferable. 


The Willmar Community Education office is open 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, Monday-Friday and located within Jefferson Learning Center, 1234 Kandiyohi Ave SW. If you have any questions, please call Pam at 320-231-8492, extension 6335.

We offer a driver training program approved by the State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Our instructor is a licensed school teacher with special certification in driver education from the state of Minnesota.