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Community Education Aquatics

Willmar Community Education offers swim lessons and American Red Cross Lifeguarding certification classes for aquatics employment. 
Summer Swim Lessons registration opens May 1.
Session 1 at Middle School pool: Monday-Thursday, June 20-23 & 27-30
Session 2 at Middle School pool: Monday-Thursday, July 11-14 & 18-21
Session 3 at Middle School pool: Monday-Thursday, July 125-28 & August 1-4
Willmar Community Education offers a skills-based swim lesson curriculum that focuses on the development of five core competencies necessary for successful swimming. Swimmers at each level will participate in age-appropriate activities designed to develop and emphasize proper stroke technique and efficiency. Safety skills and benchmarks have been established for each level in the program.

Unsure of your child's swimming skill? Let us help you determine the appropriate swim level for your child in our program. Please call 320-231-8492 for more information.
AquaTots: The purpose of this class is to provide a confidence-building and fun experience in the water while guiding adults in teaching skills to their child through games and songs. Swim diapers are required in the pool for any children that are not yet potty trained. A parent or household member (at least 15 years old) must accompany the child in the water; one parent/household member for two children is allowed.

Tadpole: This class introduces a child to a structured lesson with an emphasis on having a fun and fearless experience. They work on getting face wet, basic float techniques, rolling from front to back, and more. Safety skills include asking permission before entering the water and using a lifejacket. No prior swimming lessons required.

Octopus: Students will work on the fundamentals of the front and back stroke using a combined arm/leg motion and learn to achieve independent floats. The desired outcome is for the student to be comfortable with less instructor assistance. Safety skills include calling for help, throwing assists, and treading water. Prerequisite: Must be comfortable putting face in the water while doing assisted front float.

Jellyfish: Students continue to work on the front and back stroke, working toward swimming 10 yards with face in the water and without assistance. Safety skills include treading water and survival float. Prerequisite: Independent front and back float.

Seal: Students will work on freestyle and backstroke with an emphasis on rotary breathing, body roll, and arm extension. Safety skills include using a lifejacket. Prerequisite: Be able to swim 10 yards independently with face in the water (no doggy paddle).

Sea Otter: Students continue to refine freestyle and backstroke for the full length of pool and butterfly is introduced. Safety skills include learning how to help others in an emergency.

Swordfish: Students continue to refine freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. The breaststroke, open and closed turns are introduced. Safety skills include water safety concepts, treading water, and survival float.