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Distance Learning & Resources


Did you know that we have Chromebooks available for checkout? Ask us for more information! The video below shows you how to use a Chromebook:

Distance Learning apps:

Distance learning opportunities at your fingertips. You can learn from home at your own pace using the following apps:

  • MobyMax: All subjects; School code: MN14710; Request an account.
  • Rosetta Stone: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, Social Studies and Science; Request an account.
  • Khan Academy: Math, Science, Grammar, Writing, Social Studies, and more! Talk to your teacher for account help.
  • Read Theory: Reading comprehension, quizzes and writing; Request an account.
  • EdMentum: GED prep, Accuplacer prep, basic skills; Request an account.
  • ReadWorks: Non-fiction reading practice with comprehension questions and writing responses; Request an account.


Other Learning Resources

Earn certificates from North Star Digital Literacy. Learn more here: Contact us to set up a time for proctored assessments in order to earn official certificates! (Students must register with Adult Education prior to use.)